Application for Postgraduate International Research Student (Non degree program, self-supporting)

Updated on August 29, 2018
School of Engineering

Regarding application for graduate research student(Non degree program, self-supporting) at School of Engineering,

We open new online system(Tcens). Now it is under construction !!!

Please wait for new open here. !!!

Open: Around September 12th, 2018


Application Deadline(tentative)

Intake Application deadline (except for Sat. Sun) Result notice
April 2019 October 10th, 2018- by November 6th, 2018 The end of December, 2018


Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology will not use Tcens online.

Please read the following URL.

So, if any, you must contact OIR e-mail: sato.kaori(AT)

Applicants must obtain their professor's acceptance prior to submission of application forms. Application forms for the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology cannnot be downloaded from this website. Applicants must contact the Office of International Relations (OIR), Graduate School of Information Science and Technology for application forms and details.
OIR e-mail: sato.kaori(AT)


ざいりゅうしかくにんていしょうめいしょ しんせい
在留資格認定証明書 申請

Application for COE

Application forms for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
*It is recommended that you prepare and submit these forms with your application documents. Alternatively, please submit these documents as soon as you receive the result of acceptance from OIS by email.

Departments in School of Engineering

You must select one department. All departments are open for this program except for the departmen of Civil engineering.

List of departments is as below.

The department of Architecture  *You must submit another forms of the department of Architecture. Please get application forms and details in the following link.

The department of Urban Engineering
The department of Mechanical Engineering
The department of Precision Engineering
The department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
The department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
The department of Applied Physics
The department of Systems Innovation
The department of Materials Engineering
The department of Applied Chemistry
The department of Chemical System Engineering
The department of Chemistry and Biotechnology
The department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies
The department of Nuclear Engineering and Management
The department of Bioengineering
The department of Technology Management for Innovation

Application fees, Admission fees and Tuition for this program

Application fees 9,800 Japanese Yen
Admission fees 84,600 Japanese Yen
Tuition Summer Term: 173,400 Japanese Yen
Winter Term: 173,400 Japanese Yen


F&Q for applicants of Self-supporting research student

What is the Kenkyusei Program ?

How do I get the application forms ?

General requirement for admission ?