FAQ(for applicants of self-supporting research student)

What is this" Kenkyu sei" program in School of Engineering?

A Postgraduate International Research Student (Called "Kenkyu sei" in Japanese) is a foreign student who wishes to study a specific research subject under a supervising professor in his/her laboratory at Graduate Level. The Admission for this program is selected by your application documents without an examination. If your application documents are accepted in the laboratory, you can get the position for 1 year at School of Engineering at first. The enrollment in this program  starts in April or in October.  Normally,  students enter this program for preparation to take an examination of Master Degree Course / Doctor Degree Course for 6 months  or for 1 year.  In addition to this program, you can take a Japanese language Lessons at School of Engineering. As a self supported  student, you must pay the tuitions and the living cost in Tokyo by yourself.

How can international students get the application forms for School of Engineering ?

We provide the admission application forms for this program year-round.To be considered, you must submit your application forms by the given deadline .To request an application, write a request letter or download by yourself.

Office of International Students, School of Engineering
The University of Tokyo
Building#8, 1F, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
(p/o 113-8656)

Download all application forms and documents on your own.

General requirement for admission?

The applicant eligible for admission to this "Kenkyu sei" program must be of a nationality other than of Japan,and have:

  • 1.completed sixteen years of education.(a holder of a bachelor's degree)
  • 2. been considered eligible by School of Engineering