Application for the Certificate of Eligibility(COE) for Self-Supporting Postgraduate International Research Student(OIS)
在留資格認定証明書交付申請書(ざいりゅう しかく にんてい しょうめいしょ こうふ しんせいしょ)

last modified on July 1, 2022

You must apply for a COE to receive the "student" visa status

Fill in forms 1-3. Prepare form 4. Prepare the required documents if you are unable to submit a bank savings certificate. Please send original copies of all forms to:Office of International Students,Building#8, 1F, School of Engineering, 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Hongo, Tokyo (In Japanese→東京都文京区本郷7-3-1東京大学工学系8号館1階留学生支援チーム(OIS))

Download and fill in the form all(1-3) and prepare(4)

 Make your application with the documents below, and send all of them (1-4) to OIS via international EMS or FedEX.

    Note:Financial suppoter 経費支弁者(けいひしべんしゃ)

    *1 If the financial supporter is a scholarship foundation, a scholarship from a foreign government, etc., please send a copy of the scholarship certificate. You do not need to submit form 4

    .*2 If applicants are responsible for their own finances, they do not need to submit form 4. They must, however, submit a bank certificate indicating their savings balance and their name (equivalent to 1.5-2 million yen) and a translation.

    *3 If the financial supporter is the applicant's parent(s) or a relative, please submit as indicated below.3-1: form 4 and a translation of it
    3-2: an employment certificate from the financial supporter's company/institution
    3-3: a financial certificate from a bank (equivalent to 1.5-2 million yen) and translation
    3-4: certificate of relationship between applicant and supporter. Chinese students must submit an original certificate of relationship (公证书)

  • Attention:1 Send a copy of your passport パスポートのコピーを送ってください
    Attention:2 Attach a photo to form 1 and send an additional copy of your photo along with your documents.写真を1枚貼ってください。予備にもう1枚送って下さい。

Confirmation form "Use of Fast Track and Visit Japan Web

English form version

Chinese form version

Japanese form version

IMS visa agent in Todai Campus

If you have a personal question regarding your visa and you know the details of your situation, please refer to the following URL.

OIS services

The Office of International Students (OIS) accepts applications for Postgraduate international research student in April and October entry only. If you are not a Postgraduate international research student managed by OIS, please ask your supervising professor or laboratory secretary if you have any questions about your COE. Your COE applications must be made to your supervising professor or lab secretary in advance; applications will be processed via IMS, the on-campus visa agent. In the past, some professors and students have neglected to complete this step and have been unable to enter. Please ensure your thorough understanding.


the type of applicant in Japanese Contact person
Postgraduate international research student 大学院外国人研究生 Office of International Students(OIS)
special research student 特別研究学生 Contact and ask to supervising professor, secretary
Chinese CSC scholarship student 中国CSC奨学金生 Contact and ask to supervising professor, secretary
Doctoral or Master course student 博士課程、修士課程学生 Contact and ask to supervising professor, secretary
Researcher 研究員 Contact and ask to supervising professor, secretary

Q&A(previous cases)

Q: Because of my nationality, I am able to get a short term visa. I would like to use it to enter Japan and take the admission examination in August. If I do this, can I change it to a college student visa later?

A: You must apply for the COE before entering the University of Tokyo. If you do this, your visa status can be changed to "college student," but there is a fee to do this, and you will be responsible for paying this fee. You will also be asked to submit a certificate to the immigration office which shows you have paid tuition to the University of Tokyo.

Q: I am a Chinese student. My nationality is Chinese. I cannot obtain a short term visa and I cannot take the admission examination. Can you send me an invitation letter or a test-taking certificate?

A: At the School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, OIS does not issue invitation letters or official test-taking certificates. If you require one, please contact your supervising professor or Office of Graduate. Please, however, keep in mind that these procedures will require a great deal of work from your supervisor/lab secretary.