Application for Lodge of Tokyo University
For the international students at School of Engineering & Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
(2018 April entry)

Updated on November 20, 2017

■OSTA online will open from December 25th, 2017 !!

Check information regarding Dormitory types, Room types and facilities, fees, Dormitory's places, Commuter time from dormitory to your campus etc. on your own !!! Please search website and read the details and decide on your own. You are not a guest ! You are a student !

●New MEXT scholarship students entering in April 2018

New MEXT scholarship students entering in April 2018 at the School of Engineering and Graduate School of Information Science and Technology must apply for OSTA online. (If you want to stay in the University lodge, select a single room in the Komaba Lodge Main as your first choice. If you select another dormitory and room type, you will not be selected with special priority. You have special priority for Komaba Lodge Main dormitory(single rooms only). This is a special and strict rule for new MEXT scholarship students.) Priority for all rooms (single, couple, and family) in Kashiwa Campus dormitory may be given to students who will be studying on Kashiwa Campus. Kashiwa dormitory is very very far from Hongo campus and Komaba campus. Don't select Kashiwa dormitory if you are on Hongo campus or Komaba Campus.

Online start in Japanese for MEXT students on April 2018 Intake

Online start in English MEXT students on April 2018 Intake


■Application Online in Japanese

■Application Online in English

■Application Term

From December 25, 2017 to January 24, 2018 (JST 24:00)

(Please do not miss the deadline on January 24, 2018)


Check the password and read the details in the PDF on your own.

.■List of Accommodations Offered by UTokyo(Check the details of dormitory and room on your own, please)

*Details Lodge Room in Japanese for 2018 April

*Details Lodge Room in English for 2018 April


*Toshima Outline in English(2016May.version)

*Oiwake Outline in English(2016May.version)

■Entry month for new students ( It is strict rule at our Schools)  

New Master course student, Doctoral course student with MEXT scholarship →April 2018

New graduate research student with MEXT scholarship → April 2018

New Self-supporting Master course student, Doctoral course student →April 2018

New Self-supporting graduate research student →April 2018

An exchange student →April 2018

■Eligibility or ineligibility for application


・International Students to be enrolled at the University of Tokyo (including prospective students)

・Prospective international students to be enrolled at the University of Tokyo under International Academic Exchange Agreements with partner universities abroad

*Ineligibility(if any of the following apply, you are ineligible to apply)

・You have stayed at accommodation for international students for longer than six months (except for a stay at the Mitaka International Hall of Residence of the University of Tokyo when enrolled at the Junior Division of the College of Arts and Sciences),


When filling out the names of Supervisors and Contact persons in the application form, please input the following names and e-mail addresses.

1 Your supervising professor's name and e-mail address

2 Secretary's name and e-mail (if your laboratory has a secretary)

3 Your program coordinator's name and e-mail address (if you belong to a special program like the G30 program, IME program etc.)

4 Your department office e-mail address

5 Your tutor student and his/her name and e-mail address (if you have it)

*If you do not understand the OSTA system well, contact OIS by emailing ryugakusei(AT) .

■To international students who wish to apply for a room suitable for wheelchair users:
To those who need to be considered in terms of physical disabilities, please send a copy of a medical certificate issued by your doctor or a public office through file transfer system at the same time as your contacting during the following period. Without such documents, we will not be able to meet your requirements.
・Contact period: 1st December 2017 –24th January 2018
・How to apply : Please contact at first【】 You need not apply on OSTA online.
・Result notification : Late February
N.B :
※As we’ll accordingly need to coordinate with the related sections, please contact us as soon as possible on and after 1stDecember.
※Please note that we’ll use the personal information with the related sections only to manage the administration of accommodations. Other than this purpose, we won’t use the personal information.
Input your Name into your file name.
<File transfer system>

For enquiries concerning OSTA or general matters about accommodation, please contact Housing Office.
Contact Information : Housing Office


■The parts of OIS's guide book for other facilities and private apartments.