Visa - Visa Extension

updated on February 25, 2016

Visa Extension 在留期間の更新

Students can apply for an extension of their student visa up to 3 months before the expiration date. Please apply as soon as possible. Application forms must be officially stamped by the university. Those who wish to extend their visa must visit the Office of International Students with the following documents. It takes about 3 days to receive the official seal. Please apply well in advance.



Application Form

在留期間更新許可申請書(申請人作成用のみ) (sample 記入見本)


Official Seal Request Form

公印押印願 (sample 記入見本)


Other required documents indicated on Official Seal Request Form



Recommendation letter by supervising professor



After receiving the official seal on your application form, please apply to the Immigration Bureau submitting any required documents below. Students can ask the Visa Consulting Service to do all the work and apply on their behalf (for a fee).


<List of Necessary documents 必要書類>
Please refer to the .PDF file applicable to you. 該当するケースのPDFファイルをご参照ください。

Case-1 PDF case1
・Students who wish to extend the period of their Research Student status.
・Students who are enrolled in a Doctoral/Master’s/Undergraduate course for more than 3, 2, or 4 years, respectively.

Case-2 PDF case2
・Students who have changed (or expect to change) to a Master’s course or a Doctoral course from being a Research Student during their current period of stay.

Case-3 PDF case3
・Students who have graduated (or expect to graduate) to a Doctoral course from a Master’s course during their current period of stay
・Students who graduated (or expect to graduate) to a Master’s course from an Undergraduate course during their current period of stay

Case-4 →PDF case4
・ Students who will stay in their same course (Undergraduate course, Master’s course, or Doctoral course) *Except research students and students who will repeat a year

*Applicants are asked to present their national insurance card at the Immigration Bureau.