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OIS organizes study visits and holds parties for international students several times each year in the School of Engineering and Graduate School of nformation Science and Technology.For example, we visit Japanese factories to get a first-hand look at Japanese manufacturing systems and we visit museums or local spots to better understand Japanese culture. International students also have opportunities to present the history and practices of their home countries, thus creating a discussion on the differences and the similarrities of the various cultures around the world as related to Japan.

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Previous Visit and Event (Click and enjoy photo !! )

  • Mt.Fuji 2016

    November 18th,2016

    Mt.Fuji 2016

    Mt.Fuji 2016

  • Summer Party 2016

    July 8th,2016

    Summer Party 2016

    Summer Party at Hongo CampusPoster(PDF)

  • Guidance 2016 Spring

    April 14th,2016

    Guidance 2016 Spring

    For new students at Hongo Campus

  • Aizome 2016

    February 5th,2016

    Aizome 2016

    Aizome(Indigo dyeing)experience

  • Mt.Fuji 2015

    November 20th,2015

    Mt.Fuji 2015


  • Guidance 2015 Autumn

    October 15th,2015

    Guidance 2015 Autumn

    For new students at Hongo Campus

  • Summer Party 2015

    July 10th,2015

    Summer Party 2015

    Summer Party at CO-OP

  • Guidance 2015 Spring

    April 26th, 2015

    Guidance 2015 Spring

    For new students at Hongo Campus

  • Boso Study Visit 2015

    February 6th, 2015

    Boso Study Visit 2015

    Hanga (woodblock print) experience in Boso

  • Mt.Fuji 2014

    November 14th,2014

    Mt.Fuji 2014

    Mt. Fuji

  • Summer Party 2014

    July 11th,2014

    Summer Party 2014

    For new students at Hongo Cumpus

  • Summer Party 2013

    July 12th,2013

    Summer Party 2013

    For new students, Egg&IST at Hongo

  • Chichibu Study Visit 2013

    March 8th,2013

    Chichibu Study Visit 2013

    Experience hamdmade Udon noodle making

  • Hakone Study Visit 2012

    November 9th,2012

    Hakone Study Visit 2012

    The Hakone open-air museum

  • Historical Visit 2012

    March 14th,2012

    Historical Visit  2012


  • Company Visit 2012

    Mrach 7th, 2012

    Company Visit 2012

    Precision Engineering study- Makino Milling

  • Summer Party 2009

    July 3rd,2009

    Summer Party 2009

    Summer Party at CO-OP, Global ecology and Edo "Ukiyoe"

  • Tokyo Study Visit 2009

    November 6th,2009

    Tokyo Study Visit 2009

    Tsukiji Market, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Cruise in Sumida River, Rainbow Bridge, Roppongi Hills

  • Yamanashi Study Visit 2011

    February 16th,2011

    Yamanashi Study Visit 2011

    Making Hoto noodles

  • Tsukuba & JAXA Study Visit

    February 19ty, 2009

    Tsukuba & JAXA Study Visit

    Tsukuba mountaion, JAXA

  • Tokyo Study Vist

    November 7th,2008

    Tokyo Study Vist

    Tokyo Stock Exchange, TokyoTower,National Diet, Edo-Tokyo Museum

  • Chichibu Culture Visit 2008

    February 15th, 2008

    Chichibu Culture Visit 2008

    Mitsumine Shrine in Chichibu

  • University Fair in Thailand

    November 17th,2007

    University Fair in Thailand

    Booth for the University of Tokyo

  • Kamakura & Enoshima 2007

    November 2nd, 2007

    Chichibu Culture Visit 2008

    Kamakura & Enoshima 2007 for new students on October 2007 Entry