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Updated on April 2021

Special Graduate Program

Special Graduate Programs for International Students built around an English-as-a-global-language academic environment to provide education to promising, qualified students from all around the world. Admitted students through the 'Special Graduate Programs for International Students' directly enter the Master's or Doctoral program at the Graduate School of Engineering.  The Graduate School of Engineering will recommend several select students who demonstrate outstanding merit to the scholarship sponsors including the MEXT.
The applicants for the 'Special Graduate Programs for International Students' must satisfy the following primary eligibility requirements;

★A foreign national who is not a permanent resident of Japan, and 

★A foreign national who does not currently reside in Japan.

Applicants should apply through the online application system, T-cens, and receive the primary evaluation based on academic qualification. Applicants are strongly advised to confirm further application information, such as eligibility requirements, required documents, financial aids, schedule, etc., through each program's Guidance Information on T-cens linked to each program’s website.

If you have any further inquiries, please contact the admission desk of each program directly.

Special Graduate Programs for International Students
Admission to the Programs Departments Degrees* Civil Engineering M & D
Graduate Programs for Foreign Students in Urban and Environmental Engineering Urban engineering M & D Systems Innovation
Nuclear Engineering and Management
M & D
Technology Management for Innovation M

International Multidisciplinary Engineering Graduate Program:

(Expanded MEM International Graduate Program)

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
Materials Engineering
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chemical System Engineering
Precision Engineering
M & D
Bioengineering D
Master's Global 30 (G30) Program Bioengineering
Technology Management for Innovation
M For student of SNU(South Korea) and Tsinghua Univ.(China) D
*M:Master's degree, D:Doctoral degree


General Program

After you could contact and get the acceptance from professor

via email on your own,

Contcat OIS(Engineering) or OIR(IST)

All department at School of Engineering

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology.