Visa - Non-student Visas (after graduation)

Updated September 29, 2017

Non-student Visas (after graduation) 卒業後の在留資格

If students wish to remain in Japan after graduation (or after leaving school), they must change their visa status from “student” to a different category according to the activities in which they will engage. Even if there is time left in the student visa period, the visa status must be changed within three (3) months after graduation as they will no longer be students.

1. Work in Japan 大学卒業後、日本で就職する
2. Job hunting 大学卒業後、就職活動を行う
3. Leaving Japan 大学卒業後、帰国する

CASE-1. Work in Japan 大学卒業後、日本で就職する

Please talk with your employer about visa matters.

CASE-2. Job hunting 大学卒業後、就職活動を行う

Students who wish to remain in Japan to look for a job can change their visa status to “designated activities” but require a recommendation from the university. A recommendation letter issued by the Office of International Students is required to apply. Please come to the Office of International Students in advance for details.

Eligibility: Those who have a student visa and earn (or are expected to earn) their degree from the University of Tokyo. (Students who leave school without a degree are not eligible.)
対象: 在留資格が「留学」で、本学で学位をとって卒業する者 (※満期退学は不可、研究生は不可)

Period of stay: Six (6) months (One (1) extension of an additional six (6) months is possible for a total of up to twelve (12) months.)
在留期間: 6カ月(1回まで更新可。最長1年間、日本に滞在できる。)

<Notes for CASE-2 2の場合の注意事項>
・”Designated Activities” visa holders can work up to 28 hours per week at a part-time job but are required to first obtain a part-time work permit. Re-entry permits may also be applied for should graduated students wish to exit and then re-enter Japan. Students can apply for changes of visa status, part-time work permits, and re-entry permits all at the same time or separately as desired.

CASE-3. Leaving Japan 大学卒業後、帰国する

Students whose visa will expire before leaving Japan can change their visa status to “Short term stay”.

Maximum period of stay: 3 months
在留期間: 3カ月

<Notes for CASE-3 3の場合の注意事項>
・Once visa status is changed to short term stay, re-entry into Japan is not allowed. (However, students from visa-waiver countries may re-enter Japan as a tourist. Please check with the embassy of the country involved.)
・Working a part-time job with a “short term stay” status is illegal.

<Necessary documents for CASE-3 3の場合の必要書類>
(1) Application Form 申請書
(2) Passport パスポート
(3) Alien registration card 外国人登録証明書
(4) Student ID card (only if before graduation) 学生証(卒業前の場合)
(5) Certificate of Enrollment (only if before graduation) 在学証明書(卒業前の場合)
(6) Certificate of (Expected) Graduation 修了(見込み)証明書
(7) Transcript 成績証明書 
(8) Documents proving capacity to pay for all living expenses while in Japan 滞在費支弁能力を証明する書類