Insurance for International Students on Campus Life

National Health Insurance(国民健康保険)

All international students must register it at the city office and pay the insurance fees as the cost of payment at hospitals are too expensive in Japan. Bring your insurance card when you go to hospital.The insurance will cover 70% of your payment. You must pay by yourself 30% at your hospital.

Accident insurance of ”Gakukensai” 「学研災」

”Gakukensai” remunerates a casual injury during educational and research activities in the university.

・Those who have student ID numbers(03- 37- 48- ) are covered by ”gakukensai”
・There is no need to apply and pay for ”gakukensai,” as the University of Tokyo covers it for students.
・A casual injury during lectures, educational events, and/or club activities, which the university had admitted in all cases on campus, is applicable to ”gakukensai”.
・A casual injury in the dormitory of the university is not applicable.
・A casual injury in commuting time(university⇔home)is applicable to ”gakukensai”.
ex:During an experiment in the laboratory, his face was wounded by a piece of a test tube in a sudden explosion.
ex:She suffered a broken leg because she slipped in the stairs of Engineering Building# 11.

Accident insurance of ”Futai Gakuso” 「付帯学総」

The details and how to apply Futai Gakuso online(PDF)

Chinese version PDF

Application online URL→

Now this application system is working on system language "Japanese system" only.

The system lanaguge "English system" will be working after November 14th, 2020.

After your payment the insurance fees, check your period of this insurance on your own. If the period is expired, you can not get insurance service and money even if you are a current sudent.

Contact : Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company

If you have any question, send email to

In case of your incident and collecting your receipts at hospital or clinic, send email to

You can write your questions or incident to them in English. Include your student ID number in your mail.


”Futai Gakuso” remunerates 4 categories during general life, in addition to the ”Gakkensai”

・Those who have student ID number(03- 37- 48- ) can apply for ”futai gakuso”
・If you want to insure for all 4 of the following categories, you must fill-out the application form and pay the
insurance fees as the university does not cover it because ”futai gakuso” is a voluntary insurance.
・4 categories
①Attending hospital or hospitalization due to inllnesses or injuries
Cases in which you were hospitalized or went to the hospital for more than 1 day due to illnesses or injuries in
Japan, the self-payment(30%) of national health insurance will be covered by “futai gakuso”.The treatment of a
dentist is not applicable to ”futai gakuso”. If you require high cost medical care and make an upfront payment
under normal insurance plans, only a certain amount will be reimbursed. Students covered under this “Futai
gakuso” insurance  plan, however, can be reimbursed at a slightly increased rate.
ex:After the lectures had finished, he went to see the baseball game with friends. After that, he was involved in
a traffic accident and was hospitalized.
ex:During the winter holidays, she went skiing and suffered a broken leg. She was hospitalized.
ex:He came down with influenza. He went to the hospital and paid the treatment and medicine fees for 2 weeks.
ex:She was hospitalized for 1 week with acute gastritis.
※Any treatment that you receive at the Health Service Center will not be covered by the insurance.
② Compensation responsibility
In cases in which you injured other people through an unexpected accident, or broke things belonging to other
people, the legal compensation is applicable to ”futai gakuso”.
Accidents by car or motorcycle are not applicable to ”futai gakuso”.
ex:He injured other people by hitting them with his bicycle.
ex:She broke her friend’s digital camera by dropping it.
③Relief expense
In cases in which you were hospitalized for more than 3 days and if family or relatives came to help or support
you, the expenses of up to 2 people for 14 days will be covered. This insurance does not cover injuries incurred in
the home.
ex:He had a serious disease and was hospitalized for more than 1 month. His parents came to Japan from his
home country to help him. The travel and stay expenses will be covered.
ex:They got lost in the mountains and fell down. The expense of professional rescue corps will be covered.
④ Disability or the event of death due to injuries
Cases in which you suffer from aftereffects or die because of a sudden, externally caused accident are applicable
to ”futai gakuso”.
Office in charge : Office of Student Support (Engineering Building#8-1F)  Translation:OIS