Guidance information for new Postgraduate International Research Students in the Graduate School of Engineering [For MEXT scholarship students]

1. Before coming to Japan "(1) Obtain a student visa  New students must obtain a “Student” visa before entering Japan. For MEXT Scholarship students, the Japanese embassy arranges your visa. Please ask for details at the Japanese embassy. "

"(2) Apply for university accommodation  Newly arrived MEXT scholarship students can apply for admission to single-type rooms at the International Lodge, Komaba Lodge Main, or Kashiwa Lodge. Please note that residency is limited to one year at most. Please submit an application via OSTA (Online System for UTokyo Accommodations) from the link below. If you do not intend to apply for a UTokyo residence, please inform OIS. "

3.Procedures on Arrival "
1) Airport Pickup If you need an airport pickup, please contact your supervising professor and ask for your tutor to arrange an airport pickup. "

"(2) Residence Card A landing verification stamp will be inserted in your passport and a Residence Card will be issued by the Ministry of Justice on arrival at your Japanese Port of Entry (Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Airport, Kansai International Airport, New Chitose Airport, Hiroshima Airport, or Fukuoka Airport). Foreign nationals aged over 16 years old must carry their Residence Card at all times; failure to do so may result in a criminal penalty. Please be sure to keep a note of your Residence Card number in case it is ever lost and you have to apply for its reissuance."

"(3) Procedures at local city or ward offices - Register your residence. Necessary documents: Passport, residence card : Those who receive a Residence Card on arrival in Japan must register their address at their local city or ward office within fourteen days of finding a place to settle down. - Enrol in National Health Insurance. : All those with “Student” status of residence (more than 3 months) must enrol in the National Health Insurance system. Please submit an application for the insurance system when you register yourself at your local city or ward office. Insurance premiums depend on the municipality that you are registered in. International students who pay no income tax receive very reasonable rates for their insurance premiums. As benefits of this insurance, your medical fees will be reduced by 70%. Thus, if you show your insurance card when receiving medical treatment/prescription medicines, you will only need to pay 30% of the medical fees. "

"(4) Procedures for MEXT scholarship Students MEXT scholarship students must complete the procedures below at the Office of International Students (OIS) by the designated deadline. If you do not expect to be able to complete all of these items by the deadline, you must inform OIS in advance. - Sign document for monthly stipend - Submit boarding pass "

"(5) Open a JP Bank account In order to receive the monthly scholarship, you need to open a Japan Post (JP) bank account. (Tutors accompany new students.) Required documents: - Residence card (The student’s current address must be written on the back of the residence card by the ward office.)  NOTE: Individuals with residence cards that do not have an address written on the back will not be able to open a bank account. - Passport, and a copy of the following pages of the passport:  Visa, landing permission, full name and picture. Issuing country and issuing authority must be clearly indicated. - (Only students from the US) Social Security Number or other Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN, ITIN, ATIN, PTIN).  "

"(6) Entrance Procedure 入学手続き Pick up registration materials at the Office of International Students (OIS) and submit the necessary documents by the designated deadline. If students are not able to submit these in time, please let OIS know in advance. - Student Registration Card (with photo) - Current address in Japan - Residence card copy (front & back) (The student’s current address must be written on the back of the residence card by the ward office.) - Passport (OIS will make a copy and return the passport immediately.) "

"(7) Application for Japanese Language Classes Students who wish to take Japanese language classes at the School of Engineering must register on the website (STAR) MEXT scholarship students recommended by embassies can register at their department office to take Japanese classes at the Center for Japanese Language Education. "