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Application form for Japanese Government(MEXT) scholarship

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Regarding form for placement preference, I want to fill in the name of professor at School of Engineering, The university of Tokyo. Should I contact him/her and get his/her acceptance ? You need not contact and get an acceptance from him/her. It is OK you fill in his/her name as a choice. But it doesn't mean he/she will accept you as your supervisor. After your application T-cens online, he/she will judge you.

Engineering T-cens

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I am a holder of Master degree. Should I upload my Bachelor degree certificate on T-cens. Yes, we need a copy of bachelor degree certificate.
I am a staff of Indian Railways. I did pass the primary selection at the embassy. What should I do for the next steps?

Please send email to OIS before your applying T-cens online.

OIS email:ryugakusei.t@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp



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