MEXT Scholarship students through Japanese Embassies(+中国赴) for admission in April or Autumn 2018
Submission of applications and receipt of Acceptance Certificate

Application and official procedures of 2017 Intake was finished!!

If you would like to try and apply for entry in 2018, please ask the Japanese embassy in your home country for details. (Almost Japanese embassy will provide new application forms and start selection on around March 2017.).If you pass initial selection at the embassy on August 2017, please check this page again.

Please note that the number of applicants to our school is very high, and thus individual faculty members are unable to write and send letters of acceptance for each applicant. Instead, Acceptance Certificates (issued by the administrative division of the School of Engineering) will be provided to indivdiuals who have passed initial embassy selection, have submitted all the below-indicated documents for acceptance evaluation (and have passed evaluation), and have received acceptance approval from the desired department.


2018 Embassy Recommendations for Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
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Official Administrative Procedures at the School of Engineering

The documents below are required for acceptance evaluation. Please send them in PDF format (less than 10 MB) via e-mail. All documents are required to be in PDF format to facilitate quick printing of all documents at one time.

*Plese don't use Googe drive. Please make your all files into 1 PDF as attached file. If it is over 10 MB, it is OK to send us in several times.

Professors and Associate Professors will review materials and make a selection; successful applicants will be accepted as graduate research students. A select few will be accepted as master's students or doctoral students. You may be asked for an interview via e-mail or Skype. If you are accepted as a graduate research student, you must take an entrance examination (as Japanese students do) after your entering our school. Examinations will be given in English.

Note regarding TOEFL scores: high scores are preferred.

Please check the criteria for graduate research students. →The details of departments

All applicants must also send their personal information to OIS using this Excel file. →the personal data

OIS e-mail:

1. Certificate of your passing preliminary selection by the embassy for 2018 Intake
(Applications will not be accepted without this certificate)
2. Copy of application documents submitted to your embassy
3. Copy of your transcripts
4. Copy of your degree certificate
5. The name of the laboratory and professor with whom you would like to study at the School of Engineering
(please check the list from the "departments" section on the School of Engineering website)School of Engineeirng
6. TOEFL, TOEIC, or other English examination certificate (if you have)
7. A Japanese language skill certificate (if applicable)
8. A copy of your passport (if you have one).



Please send these documents via email to and

Office of International Students, School of Engineeirng, the University of Tokyo
Engineering Building #8-1F, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656 Japan
Fax: +81-3-5841-7925, Tel: +81-3-5841-6043

To aid you in making your decision about entering the University of Tokyo's School of Engineering, please review the level of entrance examination information. For past entrance examinations, please refer to the following URL or ask the appropriate department office for details (in advance).


General subjects:

Special subjects:

Regarding Special subjects, go to ask the details to your department office on your own after your admission.